Print and Packaging, Advertising

Print and Packaging, Advertising

  • Label printing company

  • Offset printing company

  • Digital and large format printing, vehicle branding

  • Digital and large format printing, vehicle branding

  • Paper and cardboard trading company

  • Digital printing company, Publishing house

  • Sheet and web offset printing

  • Digital and large format printing, vehicle branding

  • Production of flexible packaging



  • Agricultural machinery trade company

  • Oil and commodities trade company

  • Animal feed producer

  • Animal feed producer

  • Grain and animal feed producer, animal husbandry

  • Grain, seeds and fertilizers trade

  • Meat production, grain storage, trade and transportation

  • Fertilizers, chemicals and seeds trade company



  • Ship supply, Ship agency and Logistics

  • Naval architecture and Marine engineering company

  • Cargo and marine surveying, claims settling and consultancy company

  • Ship supply company

Transport and Logistic

Transport and Logistics

  • International transportation and logistics company

  • International freight forwarding company

  • International transport and logistics



  • Wholesale and retail trade of household goods

  • Company of home appliance and kitchenware

  • Manufacture and sale of Industry hoses and fittings

  • Import and trade of construction materials

  • Trade of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

Manufacture & Custom Solutions

Custom development

  • Project management of Transportation companies

  • Powder coating technology company

  • Engineering and storage solutions company

  • Biggest BOPP and CPP folio producer on the Balkans

  • Bulgaria's largest shipbuilding enterprise

Our Partners

Customers and Partners

  • Barcode technologies and equipment

  • Consultancy, technology and outsourscing company

  • Internet services and colocation

  • Consultancy company

  • Comprehensive labeling solutions

  • Accounting services, IT technologies, WEB and print design